Liat Rapaport Publications

Ad Hoc FSO Communication - IEEECOMCAS
Quasi Optical Multi-Ray Model For Wireless Communication Link in Millimeter Wavelengths
The spectrum of millimeter waves lay above 30GHz. The band between 30GHz up to 300GHz is called Extremely High Frequencies (EHF). This wide spectrum is relatively free of users and have recently became relevant for realizations of wireless communications an radars, including the fifth generation (5G) of cellular communications. Due to the short wavelengths, the propagation of millimeter waves can be analyzed using quasi-optical ray techniques. We present a multi-ray analysis of millimeter wave wireless link in the presence of multipath. The analysis is applicable for indoor and outdoor links and considers reflections from walls and buildings. It is shown that line-of-sight is not necessarily required in scenarios where multiple reflections exist as in long corridors, canyons and tunnels. The theoretical results are verified experimentally with a link in the W-band (94GHz).